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snufflee's Journal

8 January
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Lucy, 19, England.

I'm one of those surprising people who gives off an air of awkward social-ineptitude when you first meet them (I can be very shy) but who actually turns out to be a fairly normal person once you get to know them :P I am a Christian, but sadly I'm not yet a particularly 'good' one... it's something I know I need to work on and grow into. I love to read (especially Harry Potter) and write (http://www.fictionpress.com/u/650935/Snufflee), and I'm generally more linguistically than mathematically inclined (I fail at logic, tbh). I'm in my first year of a degree in Linguistics at the moment, and I'm fairly in love with the course - it's like everything I enjoyed learning about in secondary school, but more in depth :) I am engaged to my boyfriend/best friend Chris, who means a lot to me and who you are likely to hear about fairly frequently if you get to know me.